Wine advice

Safe bets to pair with food, simplistic rules of thumb for a complex subject

Cold cuts, crudities – Fino Sherry, chilled

Shellfish – Muscadet

Fish – Un-oaked Chardonnay (eg Chablis) or Sauvignon Blanc

Poultry – whatever you fancy

Pork – Pinot Noir (try Chilean)

Beef, duck – Red such as Rioja, Rhone, Bordeaux

Oriental – Voignier, Reisling, Alsace

Chocolate – don’t even try!

Desert – a sweet wine, served very cold

Wine tricks

Keep a cooler-jacket in the freezer

Failing that, soak kitchen-roll in cold water and wrap bottle 20 minutes in advance

If you don’t finish the bottle (!) use a vac-u-vin

No corkscrew – watch this video (don’t try this with a good red with sediment in the bottle!)