Quick bite ideas


Put bread on to toast (sourdough makes fab crunchy toast).
Meanwhile roughly chop a fresh tomato and cut a garlic glove in half.
When toast is done, rub it with the cut face of the garlic, place tomato on the toast, add grind of black pepper, one of salt, then a sprinkle of olive oil.
Bite, close eyes and feel transported to Italy.

Rocket & goats cheese light lunch

Put 1cm slices of goats cheese on ovenproof dish and into oven at 180c.
Place rocket leaves on plate. Sprinkle with a tablespoon of pine nuts.
When cheese is soft and melty, place on rocket leaves. Add a light splash of olive oil. quick, simple and yum.

I’ve got some nice bread, what to put with it?

Drain a tin of tuna and empty into a bowl. Add generous dollop of mayo, add a grind of pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Use fork to mix together. Infinitely better than a factory sandwich filling; what do they do to it?

Buy a jar of Duck Rillettes. Spread on bread or toast. Job done. Delicious.


Put non-stick pan onto medium heat. Add small knob of butter to pan.
Break 3 eggs into bowl, add pepper and salt and whisk briefly with a fork.
Grate small handful of cheddar cheese, perhaps roughly chop a small fresh tomato if you fancy.
When butter starts to bubble, add eggs and keep moving around the pan. When cooked to about half depth add filling. Fold omelette in half and leave until cooked thru (won’t take long). Serve. Even better with a glass of Beaujolais.

Crudities and dips

Peel and chop (to bite-sized sticks) veggies you have to hand (such as carrot, cauliflower, mushroom, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery). Put on plate. If you feel naughty, add some crisps.
Add herbs or flavourings to a ramekin of mayo and mix. Harissa works well. Or try cumin seeds, pepper and paprika. Or tabasco (gently now).